Reinventing and Reinvigorating Your Funeral Business from the Ground Up – The Director – February 2016 – “Let’s assume you’ve already impressed the arranging family. Your current revenue opportunity is brought in the back door; your future marketing opportunity walks in your front door living and breathing, and we almost ignore them. Your guests are your future. ”  In this article, Ed Defort reviews Doug’s workshop from the NFDA International Convention & Expo. 

Live from NCFDA 2015: Upping Your Funeral Service –  Doug gave some truly valuable tips on how you can up your game when it comes to truly wowing your families with your offerings, and it all goes back to one main goal… every person that enters your funeral home for a service should leave knowing the deceased better than when they entered it. Yes, even their own family.  Click on the link above for Doug’s tips for making that happen.

What do your Families Want – The Independent – Spring 2015 The race to the bottom of the funeral pricing barrel is getting so crowded that there may be no room left for those who want to play there. In this article Doug discusses how relating to someone whose lifestyle is so radically different from yours is always difficult and funeral home owners and managers may not be participating in these trends at the same rate as the rest of our society.   Rather than standing quietly by and letting the $495 direct disposer take every call, he suggest to reallocate your thinking. Reallocating resources, people, capital, facilities, and marketing dollars are just a few areas to consider.

What’s the best way to add value to a funeral business – The Director March 2015 – Doug and Paul Seyler, President of Competitive Resources Inc., provide a simple short answer to this question.  The answer addresses buying a firm to grow market share.

Selection Rooms – The Director February 2015 – The main focus on how the selection of goods and services is handled should ultimately lie in what works best for families.  In this article, Doug offers his insights into the philosophy of selection rooms past, present and future.


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